Failed to insert external .geo file through GEOBEGIN card

Dear FLUKA experts,

I got problems when I tried to insert the external 36n140e.geo through GEOBEGIN card into the .inp from the directory /gcr/AllParticleExample/.


I filled the GEOBEGIN card like this:

After saving flair, the 36n140e.geo file turned to be blank, and the content of the external files were all missed except the 1st line.

Besides, I am also confused of the File: and Outout: option in the GEOBEGIN card.
In FLAIR, it shows:
File---External file for saving the geometry
Output---Write geometry output to external file

So how to understand and use the GEOBEGIN card correctly?

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Dear Shan Jiang,

Flair currently doesn’t keep the content of the .geo file if the GEOBEGIN card was edited, it will always overwrite it with the cards stored in the .flair project file.

I would suggest to manually copy the content of the geometry file into the .inp by hand, and clear the File: and Output: options on the GEOBEGIN card.