File gplevh.dat is not created

Dear Fluka Expert
I have recently installed fluka and flair ( the latest versions ) on Ubuntu 20.04 and started practicing basic example. when drawing usrbin it yield the following error. Looking forward to you help.

Started 2021.04.18 19:18:26
gnuplot> reset
gnuplot> set terminal x11 0 enhanced solid title ‘example-0: USRBIN example 50’
gnuplot> set title ‘USRBIN example 50’
gnuplot> unset grid
gnuplot> set xlabel ‘’
gnuplot> set xtics
gnuplot> set ylabel ‘’
gnuplot> set ytics
gnuplot> set cblabel ‘’
gnuplot> set cbtics
gnuplot> unset logscale x
gnuplot> unset logscale y
gnuplot> unset logscale z
gnuplot> set logscale cb
gnuplot> unset logscale x2
gnuplot> unset logscale y2
gnuplot> set key default
gnuplot> plotname=‘example_50_plot’

Cmd: /home/ajaz/Fluka/fluka4-1.1/src/tools/gplevbin.f
<<< -
<<< /home/ajaz/Fluka/fluka4-1.1/examples/example_50.bnn
<<< 1
<<< 100
<<< 100
<<< 1
Cannot execute command: /home/ajaz/Fluka/fluka4-1.1/src/tools/gplevbin.f
Return code 1

e> ERROR: File gplevh.dat is not created.
Best Regards
Muhammad Ajaz

Dear Muhammad,

please make sure that the Gplevbin projection option in the FLUKA preferences is empty or it is pointing to the executable, instead of the Fortran source.



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Dear Dávid Horváth
Thank you very much! That was a great help.
Best Regards
M. Ajaz