Finished with errors(running normally with half time)

Dear experts,
My file runs normally at beginning, after about half the program, it errors. the “mix001.err” gives “Abort called from FLKNRM reason UNKNOWN PROBLEM Run stopped!
could you help me ?
Kind regards,
The latest file please see below stair7

Dear @xiongbp,
There is a problem in your geometry. The region BLANK is defined as “+target -plane2+plane3”, without any space between “-plane2” and “+plane3”.
Just five lines before the error message in the .err file is written: “Invalid region or body” which gives a hint of where to look for the cause of the problem.

Dear @amario ,
I am a little confused, it seems no problem from geometry tab. When I choose “BLANK” region ,it gives a specific area, just see the next picture.
Other question is when I activate USRBDX-21 only, it runs normal, but activate USRBDX-22, it fail.

Dear @xiongbp,
Fluka and Flair interpret the input differently. The fact that in this specific case Flair doesn’t highlight any problem, doesn’t imply that the same holds true for Fluka.
As per your second point, in your input doesn’t appear any USRBDX either on unit 21 or on unit 22.

Dear @amario
But my input file actually have USRBDX on unit 21/22/23, just see the picture below, so how should I solve it?

Not the file you have uploaded in your first post.
I guess that you have mixed up some files.

Dear @amario @horvathd
Not really, the “mix.flair” and “mix.inp” are exist in a catalogue without any other file.
The question is it works if only USRBDX-21, add USRBDX-22 or USRBDX-23 can not works, but I change USRBDX-22 to OPTIPHOT, it works too. Is that to say USEBDX can be used only OPTIPHOT?
file maybe a little different, but the question is still exist, the attachment is the latest file.
mix.flair (2.7 KB)
mix.inp (2.4 KB)

Any experts could help me?

concerning your USRBDX problem, you hit on a real bug, many thanks for reporting.
In your USRBDX card, the number of angular bins exceeds the number of energy bins. Independently of how sensible the requested (solid angle) resolution is, this triggers a failure at the Data Process stage, due to a bug in the usxsuw.f utility. Please download its corrected version and put it in the src/tools folder to replace the existing one, then enter the src folder and type make. This way you should be able to process your USRBDX results.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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