Finishes with DOGEBD error

Dear FLUKA users,
I was performing a simulation in which I was trying to include gaussian broadening. While using the DETGEB card, the results of the simulations returned a runtime error, and the error file, log file and a screenshot of the input card is as follows
Error File: PIPA-2ndStep-9724027.err (802 Bytes)
Log File: PIPA-2ndStep-9724027.log (13.0 KB)


Please suggest how to solve this issue.


Dear Krish,

could you share your input file as well to have a closer look? Thanks!


Sure David,
Here it is…
PIPA-2ndStep-9724.inp (5.4 KB)
I am also attaching the Fortran code for this, I hope it helps!..
source_newgen_photon_collExit.f (19.6 KB)
Thanks for the help!