Flair 3.2-4.1 - Diminished performance with high number of voxels

I had a similar issue with flair 3.2-4, updating to 3.2-4.1 solved the issue of closing flair when calling geometry.
However, I observe a performance issue with flair 3.2-4.1:
I use a large VOXEL geometry, with 1.4E07 cells. Geometry is very slow or does not render at all, and all other tabs while the program hangs in the geometry-tab.
Another VOXEL geometry with 6.9E06 cells is loading fine and does not block.

I did not have these issues with previous versions of flair, so I don’t think that it is a problem with my CPU or RAM.

Dear @totto
could you share (privately) the voxel file to check, what is the issue

Dear @totto I could reproduce the issue with the speed, and I am currently debugging

Dear @totto
the new flair just released on the web site contains the fix for the voxel problem.

Dear @vasilis , thank you for your effort.
I updated Flair to version 3.2-4.2, but unfortunately, under Geometry, the 3D-plots of the large voxel geometry are still painstakingly slow.
Best regards,
Thomas (@totto )

Dear @totto you are right. There was a hiccup with the git submodule of geoviewer and the master branch of flair was pointing to a wrong version of geoviewer. Now I’ve synchronized the branches and recreated the packages, which corrects the error

Thank you Vasilis, now it works !