Flair 3.3 error identification problem

After updating my geometry in Flair 3.3 I had an problem starting a run, with error like this in *.err file:

"1Invalid region or body in Normal. IR= 27 LAT= 0 NASC= 0
IRRNOR= 0 IR1(IR)= 27 IR2(IR)= 27
X,Y,Z: -1434.39522920 -1.45089458292 -447.110000000

Abort called from FLKNRM reason UNKNOWN PROBLEM Run stopped!

Thing is, there was everything just fine at " X,Y,Z: -1434…" and the problem was in 2 unidentified regions I missed. But I was only able to track it in the older version of Flair 3.2 (which showed >e> ERROR: Region x empty expression at the start).

Please look at this problem in new version of Flair, seems like empty expressions are not checked, but they do mess things up a lot.

Dear user,

it is impossible to give any advise on your problem if you don’t share you’re entire inputfile.
Please upload your .flair file as well as your .out .err. and .log files.

Thank you @dmitriy.zhidkov for reporting the bug.
Indeed this error reporting was accidental suppressed. Now it is restored, and will be available in the next flair release.