FLAIR Abnormal behaviour

Dear FLUKA experts,

I’ve observed two possible abnormal behaviours of FLAIR 3.0-12 on Ubuntu 18.04.
The first one is on the Material Tab. When I tried to use “Ctr C” to copy part of the text in any field of the Tab (material list, any field of Material properties, etc), FLAIR crashes (please see attached .txt with the error).

The second one is on the Geometry Tab. After creating a new body, I cannot create graphically a new region that contains the space inside the body, but the outside part of the new body is automatically selected (please see attached picture). This happened with RPPs, Spheres, etc…
It can be reproduced by:

  1. Open a new Basic input
  2. Go to the Geometry Tab
  3. Remove the Region TARGET
  4. Select the body Target
  5. Click on the Zone button
  6. Try to click inside the body in order to create the new region

Many thanks in advance

error.txt (6.6 KB)

Thanks @lgallego
The second bug has been corrected a few days ago. It happes only if you try to create a zone that contains only one body. The correction is going to be published with the new release in the next days

The first one I am investigating

Also the first bug is correct. It will be updated with the new release 3.1
Thanks again

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Perfect, Thanks a lot