Flair can not show DICOM

Dear experts,
I can import a DICOM, but when I open the file again, DICOM is not visible in the dicom module. What is the reason for this?

Dear @xccyd
are you sure that you are properly saving the flair file.
If yes open the .flair file and search for the tag Dicom:
check the file path if it is correct.
If you can tell us step-by-step how to reproduce it it would help us to debug the issue.

Dear @vasilis
For example, I add the dicom from dicom module, insert into the input, and I save the .flair file.(show as the pitcure) all those process I can review the dicom. But after that I close the flair and open it agian, I can not see the dicom. However, in geometry module, the 3D dicom can be seen. The dicom file can not include the RTdose. The Flair version is 3.1.

By chance do you have the dicom’s in a directory with a name only with numbers?

I believe this was the error (directory only with numbers). Which is now fixed. We will post soon a patch for flair on that.
In the mean time if you want to avoid the problem, just rename the directory to a non-integer one

Thank you! The problem has been fixed according to your advise.