Flair config options

ubuntu 20.04
Flair 3.1-15.1
Fluka 2021.2

Various preferences can be set using Config under the Flair tab.

Under “Fluka” various directories can be set.

It would seem that one should be able to set the Program (executable) to, e.g., myfluka if a special version is being used.

However, it seems that Flair only expects to use flukahp in the root Fluka directory.

This is not a serious limitation as long as one knows about it but it took some effort to discover why my special source was not being used.


Carl Ross

Hi Carl,

wrong mixing start: Flair 3 (from flair.cern) is being developed to be used with FLUKA v4 (from fluka.cern) and, as a matter of fact, cannot assure compatibility with other versions independently handled.

Indeed Flair takes the fluka executable in the bin subdirectory of the selected installation directory (not flukahp, which is not there).
This is a bug that will be fixed: as your experience suggests, one may want to set there (the full path of) a custom executable.
On the other hand, as you have likely realized already, you can pick up the latter in the Run tab.