Flair crash after changing fonts

Hey everybody,

I just installed flair on a new computer. It was working alright-ish for the first couple of minutes. But all the fonts were way to small so I changed the fonts individually. Ever since then the programm crashes when I click on the geometry tab.
I can still run fluka and plot everything, just cant open the geometry tab.

I tried to manually install the geometry viewer (.deb). I am running flair on WSL (ubuntu) on windows.

The error I get is: flair
X Error of failed request: BadName (named color or font does not exist)
Major opcode of failed request: 45 (X_OpenFont)
Serial number of failed request: 25040
Current serial number in output stream: 25173

Can somebody explain to me what happened and how to fix this?

Thanks you! Cheers,

Hi Tasha,

could you post the content of your Flair configuration file (~/.config/flair/flair.ini)?
Did you use the installation script for WSL from the fluka.cern website (Installing FLUKA.CERN and Flair on Windows using WSL | The official CERN FLUKA website)?


Hi, sorry for the late response.

Here is the file:
flair.ini (1.0 KB)

I couldn’t use the exact command from the website, as my work computer has some firewalls and proxys and whatnot to protect it. I had problems with the GPG key for a little while until my IT changed some lines in the script.


I just found out that it always crashes once I change the dpi scaling. Once I do, in the config file the fonts will be put in. One of those must cause a problem:

tree = Sans,11,normal,roman
title = Sans,12,bold,roman
balloon = Sans,10,normal,roman
ribbon = Sans,9,normal,roman
ribbontab = Sans,11,normal,roman
input.comment = Mono,11,normal,roman
input.fixed = Mono,11,normal,roman
input.hidden = Sans,10,normal,italic
input.label = Sans,10,normal,roman
input.tag = Sans,12,bold,roman
input.value = Sans,11,normal,roman
manual.title = Sans,16,normal,roman
manual.default = Sans,11,normal,roman
manual.fixed = Mono,11,normal,roman
TkDefaultFont = Sans,10,normal,roman
TkFixedFont = Mono,10,normal,roman
TkMenuFont = Sans,10,normal,roman
TkTextFont = Sans,10,normal,roman

I assume this will be a problem on my end. Probably some error when loading the WSL and now I cant access the fonts?


Hi Tasha,

probably some of the packages containing the fonts are missing. If you delete the whole [font] section, that should reset it to the default.