Flair error: Geometry Viewer not found, on Ubuntu 18.04.6

Dear all,

I have installed Flair and the geometry viewer following the instructions here. My OS is Ubuntu 18.04.6

I am facing the following error:


I went through other related topics in the forum (titled “Geometry Viewer not found”) and couldn’t find the solution I need.

Any suggestions on how I can fix it?


How did you install flair and the geoviewer? Did you satisfy all the dependencies? Did you use the source or the .deb file? What was the output on the terminal at the end of the installation?

I followed the step-by-step instructions under the title “UBUNTU systems” in which flair and all its dependencies are installed. Here is the terminal output:

Dear Deniz,

you added the incorrect repository to your system.

To fix:

  • first you need to remove the fair and flar-geoviewer packages.
  • then you need to edit the /etc/apt/sources.list and replace the 21.04 number with 18.04 in the Flair related lines.
  • run sudo apt clean and sudo apt update
  • finally install Flair


Dear Dávid,

Thanks much for the instructions and for your careful eye. I thought I had updated the repository number but apparently not. This fixed the issue.