FLAIR error in parsing input file

Dear colleagues,
I am using a python3 script to produce a FLUKA input file (attached to this message). If I execute FLUKA from the command line with this input file, everything works correctly. However, if I open FLAIR, some cards show strange values.

For example, the MGNFIELD card reads:

MGNFIELD          30 0.0500000 0.1000000       0.01.85000000       0.0

However, FLAIR does not recognize it properly:

Is this related to the input file (maybe the syntax is not correct?)

Thanks in advance,

na64_2022B.inp (308.2 KB)

Thank you @acelenta for pointing out. There was an error in the rule of flair on how to interpret the MGNFIELD card. Now it is fixed. Please update flair to the latest version we just uploaded 3.2-3 and it will be corrected