Flair Geometry Error

Dear Fluka team,

I installed the Flair, while I click the ‘Geometry’ tab within the GUI, I face the following error:

/Users/olin/CERN/FLUKA/flair-3.3/flair: line 18: 73803 Segmentation fault: 11 ${PYTHON} -O -W ignore ${DIR}/flair.py "$@"

I am using python3 --version
Python 3.11.6

which python3

Could you kindly let me know how could this be solved?

Thank you in advance.


Hello @olpinto

We currently do not have a working recipe to install Flair with HomeBrew.
We recommend using MacPorts instead. Please follow the instructions here, specifically the sections for Mac OSX and Compile from source.

Since you are using HomeBrew for other purpose, when using FLUKA/Flair, it’s advisable to define a dedicated environment in your command shell to ensure that the MacPorts binary directories (typically, /opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin by default) are listed first in the PATH environment variable.

Cheers Luigi