Flair Help not working under WSL2 + GWSL or Xserver

Hi, I have found an display related error, and I an can’t handle it.
Currently I am using latest W11, WSL2, 20.04.4 LTS Ubuntu, latest Fluka & Flair, w/ GWSL. The problem also the same w/ X. The Flair is working, the popup windows are shown (starter splash, opening, saving or any menu related). But the help popup windows arent showing up, just for a flash, but the window appears on the tray. Cling on the tray also flashes the help.
Same thing happen when hoover over parts of cards whose have yellow text pop infos.

Dear Álmos,

This is not the problem of Flair, but the implementation of the XServer. Unfortunately it is problematic with (almos) every one I came across.

The two one I mainly use is Xming and Mobaxterm. Both have different problems, but one of them maybe work out for you.


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Dear Dávid,
Thank you for the fast response, if I recall, i had the same issue on W10/wsl1/Xming, but now I try Mobaxterm.


Ps: I tried out both of them, Mobaxterm has the same issue, but Xming works. Not perfect, the window pops in in minimzed size, but it is expandable.