Flair install question

Dear Fluka experts,
Recently i am install latest flair in my ubuntu 22.04 system using " Only once instructions" ,following the procedure as (1) Install the public key (2)Install the repository.(3)Type the command. The flair seems installed successfully when the flair shows on my computer when i type flair command,.

However, the error message remind me there still some hindden error,as the attatched picture shows
Do you know why this error occur and how can i fix it?
Thanks you so much for your help,
Richard Lee

It seems that flair is not defined in the flair.py file for latest Flair 3.3-0 version.Is there anything wrong with the newest flair.py file?

Thank you @liweiguang for the bug report.
Indeed the variable “flair” become local now and it was not accessible in this check_fluka routine.
To temporarily correct the problem open the flair.ini file from
and add a section

directory = {path-to-fluka}

where {path-to-fluka} is the full path in your system where you have fluka installed

The bug is fixed and we will upload the correction on the web site in a while