Flair segmentation fault on MacOS

Dear all,

The same problem occurs when running Flair 3.1 on macOS Catalina and Python version 3.8.3, and I don’t know how to fix it.

fluka/flair-3.1/flair: line 14: 2355 Segmentation fault: 11 ${PYTHON} -O -W ignore ${DIR}/flair.py "$@"


Maybe, but I think it would be quite strange since macOS goes to swap when needs more RAM and I’ve never had a RAM problem even in running ML algorithms.

Dear @pperez,

Could you please provide the output of the following commands?

port echo requested
flair -h | grep Version


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Dear @manousos,

Here the output of the commands,

% port echo requested
gcc8                           @8.4.0_1 
gcc9                           @9.3.0_2 
gcc10                          @10.2.0_1 
ghostscript                    @9.52_0+x11 
gnuplot                        @5.2.8_0+aquaterm+luaterm+pangocairo+wxwidgets+x11 
ld64                           @3_3+ld64_xcode 
pkgconfig                      @0.29.2_0 
py38-matplotlib                @3.3.0_1+tkinter+webagg 
py38-numpy                     @1.19.2_0+gfortran+openblas 
py38-Pillow                    @7.2.0_1+x11 
py38-pip                       @20.2.3_0 
py38-pydicom                   @2.0.0_0 
py38-scipy                     @1.5.2_0+gfortran+openblas 
py38-tkinter                   @3.8.6_0 
sqlite3-tcl                    @3.33.0_0 
xorg                           @20090316_0 
xorg-server                    @1.20.9_0 
% flair -h | grep Version
 Version:	3.1-4 [7cd4db4d ]



I don’t know why, but re-installing all for gcc8 this time.

Thank you very much1