Flair without GUI

Dear all,

last month I found myself in the same situation described in this thread.

I agree that generating input files locally and running them directly in rfluka is a viable option but, especially when doing parallel runs, being able to move around a single .flair project file and merge result data directly on the server is very appealing.

Not having read the above mentioned thread, i skimmed through the source code and concluded that all the infrastructure is already there: --run and --data do exactly what I need, except they try to initialize some tkinter components (which fails on screenless machines). I managed to avoid tkinter initialization patching a bunch of lines in flair.py. It’s a bit hacky for now but I see there is a GUI-less path in the code that makes (some) cli options work without screen support.

Now, is there a way to contribute? If so, I’d like to cleanup my patches and submit them.

Thanks in advance

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That’s excellent, thank you @salvatore.pass please send us the patch so we can review and include a future release

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