Fluka can not find gfortran

Dear FLUKA experts
I am a fluka novice.
My ubuntu18.04 has flair and fluka (gfortran9) installed. gfortran-9 was also installed on my system, but when I used Flair running Fluak’s example, the output file indicated that could not find gfortran.
There is the output:
Error: Incompatible gfortran version!
System gfortran version:
FLUKA package version: 9
The command “gfortran --version” can not be found, while the “gfortran-9 --version” can give the “GNU Fortran (Ubuntu 9.3.0-11ubuntu0~18.04.1) 9.3.0”
Thanks in advance.

Dear Rui Li,

you can try to alias gfortran-9 as gfortran.
See: https://www.tecmint.com/create-alias-in-linux/

or add a symbolic link with the command:

sudo ln -sf /usr/bin/gfortran-9 /usr/bin/gfortran


Dear Dávid Horváth

Thank you for your solution.

Have a nice day.

Rui Li