Fluka download with wget

Dear all,

I encounter a problem when trying to install Fluka on lxplus. I use
wget --user=flukauser --password=flukapass
to dowload the tgz package as suggested here, but instead of the tgz type file, I get the following

Can you please help me to solve this problem?

Best regards,

I found a workaround using scp in order to transfer the file from my computer to the workspace.

Dear Mihaela,

currently it is not possible to download the packages from the website using wget, because the access rights are managed with the CERN single sign on (SSO) service.

When you try to download the package from the browser you automatically redirected to the SSO page to sign in. The same redirection happens with wget as well, but since it can’t process the SSO page, wget downloads the HTML source of the page.

Downloading the package to your local machine and uploading it from there to the server is a perfectly fine workaround.


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