Fluka for study radioisotope production by direct proton induced reaction

Dear Users;

In my research, I’ll be looking at several factors that have an impact on the radioisotopes that are created while producing radioisotopes directly via proton-induced reactions. Since I am just starting out in FLUKA coding, could you kindly assist me by sending me an example (e.g. tutorial (radiositopesprodcution).flair) that has already been completed so that I may use it as a tutorial? or any suggestion that can help me.

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Dear @sshahri,

Welcome on the forum!
There isn’t an official tutorial about radioisotopes production.
What I would suggest you, would be to start looking at the activation lecture from the beginners’ course and then at the radiation protection lecture from the advanced course.
This would be a good starting point for you and then you could come back on the forum with some more specific question.
In case you’re new to Fluka, I’d advise to have a look at the material from the entire beginners’ course.

Dear Amario;
I really appreciate your advice and thank you for your time.