Fluka installation

Hi, I am a new beginner for FLUKA . I already completed registration for next month’s online training courses. Now I am trying to install Fluka in my desktop windows 10 WSL for the training. I follow the installation instruction to the last step:
sudo dpkg -i fluka_4-0.1.Linux-gfor7_amd64.deb
It came out with:
Selecting previously unselected package fluka.
(Reading database … 52322 files and directories currectlt installed.)
Preparing to unpack fluks_4-1.1.Linux-gfor7_amd64.deb …
Unpacking fluka (4-4.1) …
Settinging up fluka (4-1.1) …

Then finished the installation. But I cannot find the installed files in any directories using “ls” command or in windows file management. Anyone can help me?



Dear David,

FLUKA from the .deb package is installed in the directory /usr/local/fluka in the WSL file system.

You can verify the installation with the command:

which rfluka

this should give you back the bin directory located in the FLUKA installation folder. You may need to close and reopen your WSL terminal, so your $PATH variable is updated.


Got it. Thank you very much!