Fluka.org download page is down?


I am trying to install it in Windows 10 using WSL method (FLUKA on Windows 10 using WSL | Fluka for WSL).

The execution of installation script in step 2.5 failed with this error message:

2022-05-04 06:24:56 ERROR 404: Not Found.
### - Download of FLUKA failed
### - No FLUKA package available, try again later

I also cannot access the download page in “The official FLUKA site: FLUKA home” from my browser. Is it currently down?

Thanks for your support.

Dear Gokul,

we only provide support for the FLUKA versions released by CERN at https://fluka.cern/

If you have problem installing this version (with the matching Flair release from http://flair.cern/) feel free to let us know.


Dear David,

Thanks for your information. Are there any differences between these two versions?

Many thanks,

Yes, there are, as detailed in the respective release notes. See also the Joint communication from CERN and INFN.