Focus user routine

Dear experts
I am working with the FOCUS routine, that routine is old and it used the script ldpm3qmd which now is not in Fluka, I replace it with a new one ldpmqmd, the problem is: The simulation is running but It is not producing the executable file.
I have attached one screenshot.

Hallo, in fact the simulation does not seem to even start, since the executable is not found. Can you share your script?

Dear Francesco, thanks a lot for answering.
I have attached the routine as a zip file.
You have to change some address in the files:
In the line 50 you should put the right address of your rfluka file, in my case was /bin instead of /flutil
In the line 49 you should put the right address of your fff file, n my case was /bin instead of /flutil and I had to change in the line 50 the file ldpm3qmd (which does not exist anymore) you should put the file ldpmqmd (without 3) and put the right address /bin β†’ /flutil.

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Dear Cesar, in your resulting log_#_#.txt file you can see the problem:

Error: Can’t open included file β€˜(DBLPRC)’

Go into focus_lib/routines, where your (obsolete) user routines sit, and type the command

your_FLUKA_path/bin/ *.f

This way your simulation will successfully start … and fail due to an incomplete LOW-MAT card for your HYD_Obnd material in the input file.

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Thanks Francesco for your help.
Yes, I complete the LOW-MAT in the .inp file but when I tried to run it I have an error … FLUKA-CERN/FlukaExamples/FOCUS/CMSexecute" executable returned RC=136

Look at the .log, .err and *001.out files.

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