Fortran runtime error: Index for 'ppfis' above upper bound

Dear Fluka experts,

I seem to have run into a rare issue again. Just short of 20e+06 primaries (with other seeds), the attached job failed with the error

At line 1157 of file evffr/evprtn.f
Fortran runtime error: Index ‘31’ of dimension 1 of array ‘ppfis’ above upper bound of 30

The custom source was linked with ldpmqmd.

Best regards

ranSIS100_Dump_Z92_A238_Q28_E475MeVu_18001.ran (1.6 KB) ranSIS100_Dump_Z92_A238_Q28_E475MeVu_18002.ran (1.6 KB) SIS100_Dump_Z92_A238_Q28_E475MeVu_18.inp (3.2 KB) SIS100_Dump_Z92_A238_Q28_E475MeVu_18001.err (719.9 KB) SIS100_Dump_Z92_A238_Q28_E475MeVu_18001.log (606 Bytes) SIS100_Dump_Z92_A238_Q28_E475MeVu_18001.out (146.0 KB) source_twissbeam.f (11.1 KB)

Thanks @rmartin. This in principle is already solved in the new release we plan to do tomorrow, eventually fixing also the crashes you kindly reported some time ago.

Apologies: eventually the release was not today. The compound nucleus’ spin and parity account in the evaporation and Fermi break-up stages, which represents the main additional physics feature of FLUKA 4.1 (as previously discussed), still requires to properly pass some quality assurance key tests to prevent possible misbehavior. The delay will be minimized.