Gaussian Beam Shape

Dear experts,
I have defined a gaussian beam of 700 keV, x(FWHM)=1 cm, y(FWHM)=1 cm, but I see the particles are incident in parallel to the sample. I wonder whether there is a problem with my settings.Here is the flair file.

700keV.flair (2.9 KB)

Dear Ma Yiyi,

could you let us know, what beam/target orientation you want to achieve?

The picture looks reasonable to me. The flair project the target is shifted to x=[0, 2] and y=[0, 2] making the beam hit one of its corners.


Dear Dávid Horváth,
You are right. But I want the energy distribution on the target to take the shape of a Gaussian distribution with a middle high and a low side. Is it right to set the particle beam to be a Gaussian distribution in the x and y direction?
Ma Yiyi.

It looks like you are mixing up the concepts of energy distribution and spatial (x/y) distribution, which are different things, both handled by the BEAM card. Of course the energy distribution is not visualized on a geometry plot.

Yes, I want the particle beam to be a Gaussian distribution spatially. Did I set up the above correctly?

Yes, with 1 cm FWHM, i.e. 4.25 mm sigma.
You were commenting about the particle direction, which is another thing and is the expected one (along z).

Thank you very much!