GCR Atmospheric model - pressure and densities values doubt

Dear Fluka experts,

Based on the standard US atmosphere model of 100 layers available in the Fluka Cosmic Rays examples (also attached here), I’m trying to modify it to run some simulations with summer and winter atmospheres in a different location.

atmomat.cards (27.8 KB)

As I understood reading this post https://fluka-forum.web.cern.ch/t/use-of-the-mat-prop-card/49, the values of densities from MATERIAL card and pressures from MAT-PROP card are used by the code to evaluate the Sternheimer-Peierls formula at Normal Temperature and Pressure (NTP).

The ratios between densities and temperatures are constant in the atmomat.card model and if multiplied by the Rspec the constant is a temperature of ~288 K or 15 C in each layer.

T = rho*Rspec/P  

where rho is the density (kg/m^3), P the pressure (Pascal), and Rspec 287.058 (J⋅kg−1⋅K−1)

Is it possible to simulate an atmosphere with temperatures from -60 to 30 Celsius, changing the atmospheric pressure values of the MAT-PROP? This way, this constant between density and pressure will be broken. Could this lead me to a calculation error?

Thank you in advance,