Generate D-T and D-D neutrons

Dear FLUKA specialists!
I’m trying to get D-D or D-T neutrons but nothing happens.
I am using FLUKA 4-3.0 and various constant libraries (BROND-3.1; CENDL-31; ENDF-VIII0) connected via LOW-PWXS.
What am I doing wrong?

dd_dt.flair (3.9 KB)
dd_dt.inp (3.1 KB)

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Dear @rx9abc,

The problem is that you have a 100 keV deuteron beam while the you are using as defaults “NEW-DEFA” which has a 10 MeV transport threshold. Using “PRECISIO” as default, you would get a 100 keV transport threshold. You need to use the PART-THR card to lower the DEUTERON transport threshold down to 1 keV.

Also, keep in mind that the low energy neutrons cross section are not relevant for the D-D and D-T reactions themselves.

Dear @amario,

Yes, after your help, I was able to get a 14 MeV peak of D-T neutrons. This is half the success! D-D neutrons remained unconquered at this stage. Maybe there is some other great idea? Could you count this file on your FLUKA? Suddenly, you will generate DD neutrons, and the problem is in some of my settings?
dd_dt_v1.flair (3.9 KB)

Yes, I did it! (@profftee97)
Everything turned out to be quite simple. This file works, but there are some peculiarities. Due to the fact that the D-D reaction has a much lower cross section, many more histories are required. This effect is even more noticeable at low deuteron energies (100 keV), it is necessary to increase the energy to 200 keV in order for the reaction to proceed. Even better up to 1 MeV. It is also necessary to use LAM-BIAS for calculations on a thin target.
dd_dt_v1.flair (3.9 KB)

Ok, I wish to see how your result looks graphically. My work is to validate experimental work from Kyoto University Critical Assembly.

This is it