Geometry errors found

Dear FLUKA experts,
I simulated this geometry, I found many colour errors (red, …)
1.inp (2.1 KB)
1.flair (2.4 KB)
but the final errorsa are zero.
how can i solve this problem?
best regards,

it is necessary to mention that i just simulate geometry. I don’t have simulated other options (scoring, physics ,…)

Dear Yashar,

the error is that you are not excluding the airi and soil bodies from the AIR1 region. Some parts of the geometry belong to two regions at the same time.

FLUKA cannot recognize this error during the simulation and will give some results, but these can’t be trusted.

If you see a geometry error in Flair, it is important to fix them before running a simulation.


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Dear Dávid
I really appreciate your taking the time to explain things.
the problem was solved.