Geometry missing upon "undocking tab"

Dear FLUKA users and experts,

Today, I updated flair to version 3.1-9 and have noticed that my geometry disappears when I “undock” the Geometry tab. I have a dual-monitor setup and enjoy the benefit of editing my geometry cards on one screen and observing the immediate effect on my other screen.

This was not happening before the update. Has anyone else experienced this and/or know how to fix this functionality (see screenshot)?


Dear Ted,

thank you for reporting the issue! You can fix it by clicking the Refresh button on the Ribbon of the Geometry window.


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Dear David,

Thanks for the advice! It solved the problem. I should have tried that in the first place… :man_facepalming:


Dear @ted.liang
indeed by mistake there is a missing refresh call in the code when undocking. Its now fixed on the development version and it will be available on the new minor release


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