Geometry tab visualization issues with USRBINS, region creation issue


I am running flair 3.0-9 and I have run into some annoying visualization issues in the geometry tab when a usrbin is overlayed;

  • When the colour contour overlaps with the coordinate system then it is no longer visible.

  • The usually drawn lines of the region interfaces are not visible when a pla or a cylinder or sphere (at least the ones I tested, maybe not an exhaustive list).

On a separate note.
When I am trying to select some bodies and I click “d” to create a new region and then try to select the region of interest, it does not work. If I do it for a second time (by pressing esc and then “d” again) then it works.

Attached you may find a sample flair and input file.

Thank you for your support
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test.flair (4.8 KB) test.inp (1.8 KB)

Thank you @e.skordis for the bug report
In the I had wrong parenthesis in a condition to ignore the boundary pixels.
Line 46 should be like
if (( && flag!=FLAG_REGION) || flag&FLAG_ALPHA) continue;
while wrongly in the code the parenthesis are around
(flag!=FLAG_REGION) || flag&FLAG_ALPHA)
I will push a new respin quite soon together with some other bug corrections. If in the mean time you want to correct the display problem, just replace the line as I mentioned above and recompile

I am debugging also the double ‘d’ problem

I’ve fixed also the d problem. It was set in the new version to swap between actions while the dialog is on. However it was swapping also when the dialog was not visible, so you where getting the wrong action every second hit.

Thank you @vasilis for the quick response.

I have installed flair through the repository so I will wait for the update.

Kind regards

If you installed it via CERN gitlab repository. Then extract the dev branch. Both corrections are there.

Thanks, @vasilis.

By repository, I meant the public repository for Ubuntu systems found here:

I updated to flair 3.0.10.

The d problem and the line visibility problems are fixed.
However, the disappearing coordinate system values problem is still there.

Kind regards

Sorry I’ve uploaded the wrong geoviewer package. I re-uploaded the packages so now it should be ok.

Thank you @vasilis. All issues are fixed now.

Just for future reference to anyone that updated to 3.0.10 in the meantime as I did:
Since it’s the same version you do not get the update automatically. You have to force re-installation of flair-geoviewer with;
sudo apt --reinstall install flair-geoviewer

Kind regards

Thanks @e.skordis. I should had changed the minor version number