Getting error code 2 after 2 runs

Dear fluka experts,
I have checked all the compound cards also for error code 2 still getting the same error?
Please help me in this regard.

source_newgen.f (19.0 KB)
mnso4.inp (6.0 KB)
Am-Bespectrum.txt (2.1 KB)

Hello Jayesthi,

the simulation seems to run fine for me.
Are you running the simulations with the latest FLUKA version?
Could you attach the .err and .out files?


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Thanks for the reply Daniele.

Yes I am using the latest FLUKA version.
Please find the attched .err and .out files.
mnso4005.out (152 KB)
mnso4005.err (22.4 KB)

Hi Jayesthi,

thank you for those files. The simulations seem to run without any major issues since all the primaries are simulated (in the *.err file).

I am still not able to reproduce any error on my side. Could you also:

  1. Attach the mnso4.out and any non empty *.log files produced
  2. Describe in better detail what error you have (with the error message as well)

Thank you very much!