Gfortran error after installed Monterey

Dear FLUKA team,

Last week I update my old MacBook Air (2017) with Monterey 12.4 version and I am getting the following error when running a code that was working perfectly:

- Running: XLAB_bunker_v7
Dir: /Users/matteovolpi/Dropbox/FlukaMelUni/FinalVersion/Version7_ExtraSchield copy
Cmd: /usr/bin/nohup /Users/matteovolpi/fluka4-1.0/bin/rfluka -M 2 XLAB_bunker_v7

                               F L U K A

Dir: /Users/matteovolpi/fluka4-1.0
Data: /Users/matteovolpi/fluka4-1.0/data
/Users/matteovolpi/fluka4-1.0/bin/rfluka: line 112: [: -eq: unary operator expected
/Users/matteovolpi/fluka4-1.0/bin/rfluka: line 112: [: -ge: unary operator expected
Error: Incompatible gfortran version!
System gfortran version:
FLUKA package version: 10

Any suggestions ?
Thank you very much in advance.



Hello @mvolpi ,

sorry for the late reply but I overlooked your post during my vacation.
After a major upgrade of the OSX, MacPorts installation needs to be updated.
Have you followed these instructions?
Hope this can help. Let me know.

Best, Luigi