Gnuplot errors about USRBIN

Dear FLUKA experts, I have a question when I use USRBIN to observe Neutron distribution in the room, the result always shows wrong.
It says :
line 0:color axis has cb coord of -1;must be above 0 for log scale!
ERROR: Gnuplot errors or warnings found.
And if I don’t selet the LOG switch , the plot will be

Can you help me please?
Many thanks for your help.
NUETRON.flair (4.4 KB)
NUETRON.inp (3.1 KB)

Dear @cuiyaoxuan,

All the values in your USRBIN file are 0 because your target material is BLCKHOLE.
If you put the actual material of your target, the simulation will run without problems.



Thank you for your guidance. I shouldn’t have placed the beam in BLACK HOLE, it should be slightly further away from BLACK HOLE.