Graphics tearing

Dear Flair experts & users,

I primarily use Flair via WSL and the included X Server.

However, I have encountered problems after updating to the latest flair version 3.3-0.3. When I attempt to interact with the flair GUI with my mouse-pointer, I encounter very noticeable graphical “tearing” effects. I have encountered the same problem when switching to Xming. As you can see from the attached screen capture, this basically renders Flair unusable.

I have also launched Flair using MobaXTerm, and the graphical tearing occurs far less and not as severely, so that is my current work-around.

I am wondering if anyone else has encountered this and has a solution?


Dear @ted.liang

we’ve seen that problem that appears on the latest WSL version. My guess is that is due to X11 graphics emulator of WSL. We are looking into it

Could you try to update your machine with the latest updates both on windows and WSL. On our machine that we saw the issue, now it disappeared.

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Dear @vasilis,

Thank you for investigating the issue. The suggestion to update WSL fixed the tearing issue, and everything is back to normal!