Group-wise cross sections for Neutrons - 260

Dear Fluka Experts,

We are involved in a MC comparison effort for radioactive transport applications. For neutrons below (<20 MeV), we wanted to trace the values of the 260 groups. The FLUKA manual refers to the following publication for the 260 neutron groups. However, the publication mentions only 72 groups for neutrons. Could you please provide us with the reference or the origin of those group values?

Cuc91 E. Cuccoli, A. Ferrari, G.C. Panini
A group library from JEF 1.1 for flux calculations in the LHC
machine detectors
JEF-DOC-340 (91) (1991)

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Dear Nabil,

The low-energy neutron groups are listed in section of the FLUKA manual:

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Many thanks Andrea. I looked only inside the Flair help pages which refer to the publication.