HEAVY-ION problem

Dear FLUKA experts,I want to observe what secondary particles will produced by U238 targeting .I set the beam and the HI-PROPE correctly and use usebin to find if there is any electron,proton or some other particles.But I got every particles 0 but the HVY-IONS. Can you help me with this problem?

U238.flair (2.1 KB)
U238.inp (1.6 KB)
Here are the files.
Thank you every much.

It’s pretty natural that a 15 keV/n 238U beam does not produce any secondary particle, but stops in stainless steel after less than 1 micron.

But if you run my U238.inp ,you will find that the U238 stop in the air instead of stop in the stainless. I don’t know why this happen.

It happens because you built the following target:

and your beam is injected at the origin (x=y=z=0), with a range in air of the order of 1 mm.
As a side note, note that the PRECISIOn transport threshold for ions is 25 keV/n (as the one of alpha particles, i.e. 4-HELIUM) and your beam of 15 keV/n requires to lower it down to its minimum, by means of a PART-THR card asking to apply 1 keV to 4-HELIUM.

Do you mean this?
Then I change the area material into vacuum and run the simulation again.I select ELECTRON in usebin and HEY-IONS in usebin.The electron still show zero. The HEY-IONS show like this.
Dose this mean 15keV U238 hit the stainless cannot produce electron? I’m not sure is there anything that I don’t consider.
Thank you very much.

I said 1 keV, while you asked for 1 eV, which is ignored being below the acceptable limit.
Anyway, no electron above 1 keV - which is the minimal energy attainable by FLUKA - can indeed be produced by such a low energy ion beam.
In short, the simulation of the latter is not particularly informative, in view of its tiny range.