Hexagonal lattice - Repetitive elements

Dear fluka experts,

I want to simulate a subcritical nuclear reactor and measure the neutrons flux of the neutrons inside the reactor. As a fluka starter with the help of fluka documentation I have succesfuly created the geometry of the tank of the reactor but i am really struggling to create the complex geometry of the hexagonal lattice which consists of the fuel rods. Is it a way that i can create this repetitive structure without having to copy and paste the one fuel road geometry 270 times? (Which i have tried and failed to do).

I am attaching the flair file with the geometry of the tank and pictures of the intended geometry. Thank you very much for your help in advance!
Subcritical Reactor.flair (1.8 KB)

Dear @Kopapadop,

You could try using the LATTICE card. Here you can find some useful links, like the LATTICE card manual page, the Advanced Topics lecture from the last Fluka course, and the Advanced Geometry lecture from the last Fluka advanced course.
Additionally, the LATTICE has been discussed repeatedly on this forum, you can use the Search functionality to find several threads about it.

One last thing.
You could even use the lattic.f routine. Nevertheless, I’m not sure the geometry editor would be able to visualize it, as the routine is called at runtime.

Thank you for your help amario! I will look through the lattice documentation and try to figure how to do this geometry.