How can I plot biological dose DVH?

Dear FLUKA expert,
Can I get the DVH of Biological dose directly after runing the inputs including the RAD-BIOL and TPSSCORE cards?

Dear @xuchong
you can get the DVH from any USRBIN output.
However if you want to add the two USRBINs with the ALPHA and BETA-SQ dose, you can use the usbscw tool

Dear @vasilis
Thank you for your help!
Now I calculate the alpha sqbeta dose-H2O using fluka ,and then I export those data to calculate the biodose and RBE by python. But I have two questions: first, this method is right? second, how can I get the DVH of biological dose with usbscw directly on flair?

Dear @vasilis
If there any instructions about usbscw?

Unfortunately there is no flair interface to usbscw. You have to run it manually from the command line and you will be guided to provide the input