How do I add DataSet information to FLAIR

Dear FLUKA experts,
I used Matlab to convert an Analyze file to a DCM file, but after importing FLAIR, I found that it lacks a lot of dataset information. How can I solve this problem or manually add this information. Digimouse file download address: The MATLAB code is in the attachment.
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digimouse.txt (522 Bytes)

Hi @akimikko
on your previous thread
The problem of DCM format conversion in FLAIR I’ve mentioned to you that your conversion program had some issues. The main was that all images had the same origin.

You see that the Dimension Z component is 0.0
Unfortunately I don’t know matlab to help you on how to correct it there.
One option would be to write a program, either in matlab or in python to load one by one the slices and correct the Slice Location and the Image Position (Patitient)
that currently for each slice they point to -325 and 1295mm respectively.

Appart from that I don’t know what other problem it might have.