How do I get particle position information using USRBIN

Dear FLUKA expert:
I would like to ask a small question, I use photon to hit a silicon block, and use USRBIN to count the photon flux, I would like to ask how to use USRBIN card to determine the position of particles on the surface of the silicon block, such as (x,y,z) coordinate information, or need to add other cards?
Many thanks for your replying!
PHOTON.flair (1.4 KB)

Dear Wang,
the easiest way to do so, is to make a tiny (both in cm and pixels) USRBIN scoring volume that corresponds to X, Y (perpendicular to the standard beam) block surface dimensions. Then you will see points where your particles cross in the target surface. Following the proposed procedure you can achieve decent X,Y resolution. In your case, you will not distinguish particles from separate sources.

The other solution is not to use a USRBIN scoring. Using the USERDUMP card, mgdraw.f fluka routine and your own program code, you can retrieve the particle trajectory information, and so the data you need.

Best regards,