How do I get the treatment room dose equivalent

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My question is as follows: How can I obtain the environmental dose equivalent generated by a specific region through FLUKA. In detail: I set up a tank and put a circular cylinder in front of it (assuming the half is emptied in the middle), and then I let the source that can cover the whole cylinder into the tank through the cylinder. Finally, I just want to get the effect of the photons produced by the water tank or the cylinder on the dose equivalent of the treatment chamber!
The following two figures are the dose equivalents I simulated with PHITS. The first one is the photon source of the cylinder, and the second one is the second photon source produced by the water tank.

the following figure is the secondary photon source produced by the water tank.

The figure below is simulated by FLUKA, but I feel that the ambient dose equivalent in the treatment room is contributed by two parts (annular column and tank)!

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By the way, how can I use Normal Factor to get μ Sv / Year, I’m a beginner, this is a little hard, and I didn’t figure it out this afternoon

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How do I specify the dose equivalent of the photon source generated by the tank to the treatment room?

I am afraid that people who usualy answer here do not understand your question, especially the description of the tank and the source.
Also the relation between the dose rate map in PHITS and the FLUKA contour plot is not clear to me.

For the question on normalisation, FLUKA gives the dose rate in pSv/primary. You would have to know how many primaries per year are hitting the target (or emitted by a radioactive source) to calculate the annual dose.

And finally, the correct name for H*(10) is “ambient dose equivalent”.

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I’m sorry to reply so late. During this period, I learned the basic tutorial and knew where the problem was
Thank you very much for your help!