How is the number of various particles produced by the photonuclear reaction output?

Dear Experts,

I want to try the simulation experiment of photon and tritium, simulating 10e6 photons, how can I output the type and position of secondary particles generated, and of course, the position of photons. At the same time, my compiled file has been reporting errors, this kind of work makes me feel very difficult, I hope to get expert help.

erg.flair (4.5 KB)
mgdraw.f (5.8 KB)

Thank you for your help!
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Feng Xu

Dear Feng Xu,

to be able to compile the mgdraw user routine, it must contain all the entries (BXDRAW, etc.) even if they are empty. You may edit the mgdraw_empty.f file, with your code, to ensure all entries are present, or you can delete the unnecessary code from mgdraw.f.