How to add weights from varous spawn output

Dear FLUKA experts,

The weights for each cycle and each spawn are printed in .out file. If there are 5 cycle and 10 spawns, there will be 50 .out files. Is there anyway to get the total weights in a single file or do we have to add it manually ?


Dear @riya ,

you need to “grep” the files.
Keep in mind, that the weights of each cycles are automatically taken into account by the post-processing programs to produce the summary of the built-in scorings.

Best regards, Luigi

Dear @luillo , can please tell how to perform the grep ? Is there any command for that ?

Dear @riya,

“grep” is a standard linux command that allows to search for strings within text files.
From command line you can just type:

man grep

to get a description (pasted below) and the basic info on how to use it.

   grep  searches  for  PATTERN  in  each  FILE.   A FILE of “-” stands for standard 
   input.  If no FILE is given, recursive searches examine the working directory, and 
   nonrecursive searches read standard input.  By  default, grep prints the matching 

   In  addition,  the  variant  programs  egrep,  fgrep  and rgrep are the same as 
   grep -E, grep -F, and grep -r, respectively.  These variants are deprecated, but 
   are provided for backward compatibility.

You can also just google “grep linux” to find plenty of pages on how to use it.

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Thank you @amario