How to batch USRBIN statistics results

Dear experts,
I have runned more than 500 different inputs with one command. But how can I process all of those USRBIN score resluts with command or flair at once time. If I process with flair one by one, it will be a huge task for me.

Dear @xuchong

you can write a script to automatically process the results using:


Dear @horvathd
I have got the bnn file according to this method, now I am comfused on how to get the .bnn.lis using usbrea at one command. I got 4 bnn files after running one input, and I prepare the answers beforehand in a text file, like :


and I pipe this file into the post processing tool using
usbrea < bn.txt
But I got the error as follow.

I want to know if there are other methods that I can get the information about the .bnn files?

Dear @xuchong ,

The first line of the error message shows, that the bn.txt file is not found. Please, check if you are using the correct command.

No other tools are distributed with FLUKA to convert the USRBIN results to an ASCII format. But, you can look at the source code of usbrea in /user/src/tools to see the format of the binary file and write your program to read it. Also, you may find other tools created by FLUKA users on Github/ Gitlab.

Dear @horvathd
Thank you for your help, I will try it according your suggestion.

Dear @xuchong !

As @horvathd suggested you can use for example the harvest script from my set of tools: FSEN4 scripts. Look at the help for instructions and contact me if you have any troubles with that.


Dear @Ivan
Thank you for your help, I will try it.

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