How to calculate fluctuations associated with energy loss (Landau distributions)?

Dear FLUKA users and developers!

I have a question regarding energy loss distributions (see picture), depicted in paper. How to obtain these dots (bins?) from FLUKA on the plots? Could someone please make it more clear of the algo? As far as I can understood I should use EVENTDAT? But I need more details on that.

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If you need an energy deposition events data you can use USERDUMP card together with the mgdraw user routine to calculate energy loss along the track of the particle, and the energy deposition in the spot.

You can also use DETECT card, run the simulation, merge the data.

As a result the *_17_tab.lis file will be generated from which you can get:

  1. bin width (begin - end);
  2. bin value;
  3. the value error.

Thanks, @Mik!

DETECT is exactly what I need.