How to calculate the contribution of different reaction channels to residual nuclei?

Dear expert,

Can FLUKA calculate the contribution of different reaction channels? For example, I irradiate thorium by proton, there is two pathway to product 223Ra, 1) directly produce ; 2) Daughter decay (227Th→223Ra+α),I want to know the contribution of the two pathway. Can you tell me what I should do?
Thank you!

Dear @lichen,

What you what to do can be achieved, but it is a pretty advanced thing. You would need to both usrrnc and stuprf routines.
I suggest you to study the material available in the advanced course, particularly the lectures about the Fluka environment and the user routines. Plus you can search in the forum for further material on this subject.

Dear @amario

OK, thank for your reply, I downloaded the course, but I think that my requirements are more difficult to implement.

As I said, it can be done but it requires an advanced use of FLUKA. I can only repeat my suggestion: study the material from the course, search the forum for related questions already answered, and then in case come back with some specific question.