How to calculate the dose rate contributed by different regions?

Dear experts,

I simulate a beam shooting a target which consists of ABC three parts and every part is made by different materials. Now I want to calculate the dose rate of the activation. I use IRRPROFI/DCYTIMES to define the irradiation profile and use USRBIN/AUXSCORE card to calculate the dose rate distribution. It seems that the total dose rate could be simply calculated.
How to calculate the dose rate contributed by region A, B, C separately?

After the activation part of the calculation, you can assign a different material to a region for the decay part with WHAT(6) of ASSIGNMA. The manual explains:
“There is the possibility of selectively changing regions to a different material (and/or switching on/off possible fields) when transporting radioactive decay products. Radioactive decay products originating from regions switched to a different material are ignored. This is helpful for situations where the emissions of an activated object in a complex environment have to be evaluated standalone.”

Thank you Thomas, it worked.