How to create the electron trace?

Dear FLUKA experts,
I have used the USERDUMP card to show the electron but I can not find where the trace of electron is?
I also create the new layer about the trace? I am quite puzzled where can I see the trace of electron?Here is the flair and inp file.

1.3_zhengfangxing1cm.flair (985 Bytes)
1.3_zhengfangxing1cm.inp (1.2 KB)

Dear @myy5028,

You have to add a new layer to your plot by pressing the add button and choosing the Userdump option.

Then, you have to select the Userdump file that you want to use.

Please also take a look the the flair manual and at this course.


Dear @ Mihaela Parvu
Thank you very much!
But how can I merge these .asd files to a single file? Because I have run 5 cycles and it produced many .asd files. Can I do it by using FLUKA? Or these files cannot be merged.
Ma Yiyi.

No, you cannot process dump files.
This might also be useful:


Dear Mihaela Parvu,
Thank you very much!