How to customize your email notifications

By default, email notifications are sent to users in case a new question or a reply is posted on the list. This feature (which is called “Mailing list mode”) can, however, be disabled by customizing your email notification settings.

Email notification settings can be changed by:

  1. Clicking on the user button in the right upper corner
  2. Selecting “Preferences” (the small wheel button)
  3. Selecting “Emails” in the list on the left

To disable the “Mailing list mode”, untick the box next to “Enable mailing list mode” at the bottom. As an alternative, you can select the option to receive only emails when somebody sends a message to you (e.g. as a reply to your question). In addition, you can select the option “Activity summary” in order to receive summary emails (e.g. on a weekly basis) in case you didn’t visit the webpage.