How to define a beam source of an energy spectrum

Dear experts:
I am doing some research on the design of radiation shielding materials for satellites. I simplified the satellite into a sphere and set its material and thickness. And I have tried several different beams with different energies. But now I want to define the specific energy spectrum of a certain space orbit (for example, AE8 spectrum) instead of a single energy beam for research, and I don’t know how to achieve it.
Is there any card or any advice to solve it?

Dear Parry,

In order to input your own energy spectrum, you can use the source_newgen.f user-written routine, which allows you to choose from several different sampling functions or to read from files.

You can find a lot of information on how to use the source routine here and here.


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Dear Mihaela,

Thank you for your advice. It looks helpful to me and I would read this section in detail.